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Mentor Me...

I am extremely happy to have this be my first post on my new blog. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending one of Miami Photographer Nicole Lynn's newborn session. I had been following her work for quite some time and once she invited me to her Facebook mentor group I was ecstatic! This group is made up of some of the sweetest and passionate up and coming photographers! It's just like having your own little extra family and I'm so thankful to be apart of it. For so long I've wanted to find a mentor that I could go to in order to learn the ropes of the business and help sharpen my photography skills. Sadly, I just knew that would never be possible unless I paid someone an arm and a leg for their time. In that case I could have gone back to school and owed Sallie Mae even more money! Ha! No, Thank You! Coming across Nicole was a heaven sent I tell you. Not only does she want you to grow and succeed in your craft she doesn't punish your pockets for it. She's a river of knowledge. Sweet FREE knowledge. lol! No but seriously, being able to assist in this session I learned way more than I ever thought I would in just four hours. It sounds like a lot of time but trust me it goes by pretty quickly. Not to mention I met a super kind individual named Tara Beth (Facebook: Tara Beth Photography). Tara has recently became my Business Bestie (some may call it an accountability buddy) and I pray this friendship grows and I can be of plenty help to her! Nicole if you're reading this I speak for myself; as I'm sure the other photographers you have influenced, when I say THANK YOU! May you continue to do great things and capture even greater moments!

Here are of few of the photos I took at my mentor session with Nicole (Facebook: Nicole Lynn Photography, LLC)

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