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Layering For New Looks During Your Branding Photo Session.

During your photo shoot, you don't want to waste time making constant outfit changes. Most photographers will limit the number of outfits you can change into. Location can also limit what you'd be able to change into as well, but layering items of clothes can help resolve this problem. By adding on some simple pieces you can completely change your look in a matter of seconds with no fuss.

What to layer.

Tops are the easiest way to layer. Start with a lightweight top or blouse. Then add a cardigan or a pullover shirt. You can do a third layer by putting on a blazer. Keep the blazer simple and basic in color such as navy blue, beige or olive green. A scarf or hat can also be added to change your look easily and even make a great prop to keep your hands occupied. Belts can also help change your look but will most likely be concealed as the layers come.

In the summer it can be a little more difficult to layer but you can always add on a wrap, hat or thin scarf for a new look. Accessories can also be a way to transform your look. Put on some bangles, a watch, necklace or hair accessory that will take your casual outfit to a more formal look.

How to layer.

When layering you want to make sure everything goes together and that you have different textures. Make your first layer a neutral color. It should be more form fitting so you don't have extra bulk when you add to it. Your second layer can be more bold and colorful. Wrap a textured scarf to complete a whole new look.

Some last minute tips to help transform your look and help your shoot go off successfully. Keep your hair down at the beginning of your shoot and then tie it back. You can even use a stylish hair wrap or headband to keep it away from your face. Keep your layers simple and easy to carry around, you don't want to be digging through bags to find what you are looking for. These tips can help you add more style and depth to your wardrobe without taking time away from the actual shoot.

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NaKeitha Melton

Photographer & Brand Designer




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