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5 Ways To Showcase Your Personality Through Your Branding Session.

Using brand photos can help you elevate your business in several ways. For starters, they help make a great first impression on your clients, communicate your brand’s values, and show off how exceptional you are as a business owner! Your uniqueness is what sets you apart so why not use it to connect with your current and potential clients. In this blog I'll share 5 ways your can do that during your branding session.

1. Props!

One of the easiest ways to add some character and fun into a photo is by using props. These items are an important part of telling your story. So while props might seem unsuspecting in brand photos, they’re actually intentional tools used to make your brand come to life.

2. Define Your Brand Personality!

Understanding the business personality traits is key. Are you helpful and fun? Outgoing or laid back? Make a list and narrow down the traits that best describe you and what your ideal client will connect with.

3. Select a Location that Represents You!

When thinking of a location consider places where you are inspired the most. Where do you feel comfortable and at home. It can be a home office or a coffee shop. Maybe even out on the town.

4. Capture Behind the Scenes!

Give your clients an "inside look." Share the back end of how your business operates. Bring your audience in on the day-to-day operation.

5. Share Your Passions & Hobbies!

Your brand photos are supposed to tell a story about who you are. You should highlight the best parts of yourself by incorporating what you love into your brand photos. This trick can help you not only show off your personality but connect with clients through mutual interests and hobbies!

Ready to book your next brand session. Book your 1-on-1 consultation today!


NaKeitha Melton

Brand Photographer & Designer



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